* Our standard price is 50 cents a photo. So if you give us 100 photos, that'll be $50. 10 photos = $5, etc.
* Discounts are available for close family and friends.

* Our default format for delivering digitized pictures is to share high-resolution pictures via Shutterfly, which allows you to easily access and download your pictures - and you can put them in a slideshow with no problem.
* If you'd like an alternative format (e.g., a flash drive with all the photos on them), just let us know - we aim to please!


To request our services, please complete and email the following form to

1. Your name: _______________________

2. Your email address: _________________________

3. Your Phone Number: ________________________

4. Total Number of Photos: _________________________

5. Requested Completion Date (note that our standard turnaround time is within 10 days): ____________________

6. Special considerations: __________________________________

- The method of delivering the photos will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be figured out via email.
- Note that all original photos will be returned to the customer.
- Note that all proceeds are split evenly between Andrew and Megan

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