New Paltz Family Photo Preservation gets the job done!

About Us

We are 2 siblings who are 8 and 11 with a helping father who got the idea from our affiliated company: Gahanna Family Photo Preservation. We love to scan photos and preserve them into digital format -and we'd be more than glad to take your great old memories from the shoe box and get them INTO THE WORLD!!!


We are a company who takes your old photos out of your shoe boxes, photo albums etc. and digitizes them onto Shutterfly, flash drives, and/or  any other digital format (within reason).

Contact us now! OR visit our "pricing and format and forms" page with information on the process and relevant forms - you're just a few clicks away from preserving your family's history!


Andrew and Megan went to Columbus to visit their cousins Meredith and Christo. Along with their dad Marshall, Meredith and Christo started a business; Gahanna Family Photos. There, in Central Ohio, they take people's treasured photos, scan them in, and digitize them for PERMANENT PRESERVATION. What a great idea!  Andrew and Megan decided they wanted in ...


"Wonderful job!" said Gillian Bauman, Megan and Andrew's grandmother, after having more than 30 of her treasured photos preserved via Megan and Andrew's hard work!


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